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Writing historical fiction: sometime journal of a New York City novelist

writing with a breathless passion...

...that is the way my new novel is coming and I am receiving some wonderful endorsements for CLAUDE AND CAMILLE as well, less than 5 1/2 months to the publication date.It is moving that people are responding so warmly already. I write this still in my pajamas at almost one on a Friday afternoon because I  Read More 
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why novelists sometimes take a long time to finish a book

I think almost all novelists rewrite a huge lot, particularly if the story is a deep one or has many parts that have to come together. It takes a time to figure out what the story is, and that comes as you write, and then you have say 350 printed pages to tell it and  Read More 
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Cold, wet evening in New York City!

I suddenly got very tired this afternoon and lay down to read. It was that sort of day...and reading was lovely. I am keeping up my blog Everyday Lives of the French Impressionists which is getting some wonderful reactions. In the past ten days I read the new novel SUNFLOWERS which is very  Read More 
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the magic of old books.

I bought an old research book for my new novel, printed in England in 1895. It has such history in it for it was printed when the old Queen Victoria was on the throne. Someone made notes on it with a fountain pen… how can the Kindle ever compete with this? Who wrote those notes?  Read More 
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sending Claude and his friends on their way....

The first galleys have gone out for possible blurbs and I am proofing the second pass galleys and working on my new novel. When you have edited a novel a lot (and I worked a great deal with my creative editor!) you look for scenes that are missing and are surprised at ones you  Read More 
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Quotes from novelists

Flaubert: Writing is a long patience
Somerset Maugham: There are three rules for writing a novel. Unfortunately, no one knows what they are.
Madeleine L'Engle: Listen to your characters
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my new blog on French artists

I have created a new blog on French impressionists and I think if I updated it daily for months I would still not enter all the many fascinating things I have learned about the lives of these gifted men and women! CLICK ON THE LINK ON THE HOME PAGE!
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my many worlds of time travel

I am at that delightful stage where I am involved with sharing early news of my novel Claude and Camille while writing another novel....but I am also so happy that autumn has come to New York City! It is hard to keep me at my desk when the park and river call to  Read More 
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Ever since I finished CLAUDE & CAMILLE, and in the final months of writing it, I have been compelled to go down to Riverside Park and the boat basin, a short walk from my building. It is a magical spot, quite odd and peaceful. Boats creak in the water, water sloshes against the pilings. My  Read More 
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working away on a new novel!

It feels quite wonderful. I won't say what it is just yet but it got chosen among several contenders. We'll see! I can breathe more quietly now. Writing CLAUDE & CAMILLE was a very intense experience for me, and now I go another way while my publisher continues with their work on it. In the  Read More 
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