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Writing historical fiction: sometime journal of a New York City novelist

my old creative habit of writing two books at a time

I used to do this a lot until one book took over. Often I'll break work for the main book to do the one I call "the under book" for a while to let my mind rest. I figure out problems on the main book by working on the second. It's an interesting process. Anyway, all you kind readers who keep e-mailing me about the third book of the 16th-17th century Nicholas Cooke series, it is now my second book or "under book." I find I have huge amounts on it and only need to pull it together. I understand the pacing now. So I feel happy about this and curious... I heard a lutenist playing yesterday at an early music musical reception and in seconds it hurled me back to London circa 1600-1660. I felt like Alice in Wonderland down the rabbit hole. If I turn to the right I find this beloved period, to the left I find my new novel and between all of them walks the 25-year-old Claude Monet as publicity is moving forward wonderfully for the debut of CAMILLE & CLAUDE in less than five months! I am challenged and enraptured!
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