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Writing historical fiction: sometime journal of a New York City novelist

three months until the novel debut!

It is a bit like a child waiting for Christmas. Already I have had so much interest and wonderful responses to the struggling, passionate love of the young Claude Monet and his enchanting but difficult muse Camille! And somehow I am writing intensely on my new novel, also a love story. I find the  Read More 
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sending Claude and his friends on their way....

The first galleys have gone out for possible blurbs and I am proofing the second pass galleys and working on my new novel. When you have edited a novel a lot (and I worked a great deal with my creative editor!) you look for scenes that are missing and are surprised at ones you  Read More 
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my many worlds of time travel

I am at that delightful stage where I am involved with sharing early news of my novel Claude and Camille while writing another novel....but I am also so happy that autumn has come to New York City! It is hard to keep me at my desk when the park and river call to  Read More 
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and more edits on my Monet novel!

My editor at CROWN was very enthusiastic about my edits and came back with a bunch more so I am still working on this book! Sometimes I think I will be shortlisted for The Most Intensely Revised Novel award... I think when this finally gets published I shall have a great deal of wine,  Read More 
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I finally sent my edited manuscript to my editor a few days ago. I was stunned for several hours, and kept imagining seeing Claude at 28 taking down my pictures from the walls and hanging up his instead and eating leftovers from my refrigerator (he was always hungry at 28, so I hope he likes cold  Read More 
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