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Writing historical fiction: sometime journal of a New York City novelist

On the road with still more readings

I wonder if I should subtitle this "HAVE LAPTOP, WILL TRAVEL." This week I had a chance to read from Claude & Camille with my power point presentation at two more wonderful libraries. Tuesday I was at Commack in Long Island; I pulled my suitcase through many puddles and waited for connecting trains under my red umbrella, but in spite of the weather we had a lovely audience. Thursday I was at the Warren Township Library New Jersey where the congenial program director drove me back and forth to the train. The near-half moon was clear in the sky and the event was sold out. Hurrah! Met fascinating people as always...and it did not rain!

I am working intensely on my third major draft of my new novel and oddly have been received several calls to give readings or meet with book clubs for my previous novel Marrying Mozart. Outside of those things I am looking forward to Christmas with its beautiful church services, the next meeting of my Italian group, and our next Shakespeare reading where we read RICHARD III. As usual my mind runs back and forth from 1601 to 1846 with stops in between. Every now and then, I yell at a dust ball and try to remember I live in this world.
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