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Writing historical fiction: sometime journal of a New York City novelist

Hurricanes and revisions!

pre-hurricane clouds hover over lower Manhattan
I have been rushing forward with great inspiration on revisions for the new novel over the past several days but I am afraid the hurricane coming towards NYC somewhat diverted my attention this weekend! It was the tremendous feeling of not knowing what would come. Last night I went out briefly hoping to get some orange juice but there was an odd, not-quite-trustworthy quality about the rain and the almost entirely deserted streets sent me back to my house to devour some other writer's novel on my Kindle. Many friends and family members had electricity loses, leaks, mini floods; some were up all night dealing with it. That and the many felled trees made me feel sad and concerned. I was constantly on e-mails and Facebook.

Two news novels I have just devoured and loved are Ellen Feldman's NEXT TO LOVE, about three WW II war brides whose husbands do not all come home. Ellen's previous novel was shortlisted for the Orange prize last year and she is wonderful. And I adored a time travel novel by Louise Marley called THE BRAHMS DECEPTION, about two young musicologists who are able to travel back to 1871 and a week in the life of Clara Schumann and Johannes Brahms. I felt I was in the room with them.

CLAUDE & CAMILLE: I have many library engagements coming up with the lovely power point presentation of Monet's work which my husband created for me. MARRYING MOZART: I will be speaking at the Mozart Society of America's national conference. Other new novels are simmering.

Until the next post!

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