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Writing historical fiction: sometime journal of a New York City novelist

The actress Barbara Rinella and CLAUDE & CAMILLE

I got such lovely news from the actress Barbara Rinella who is giving a one-woman presentation of CLAUDE & CAMILLE in several places in the Midwest and California this winter. Of her first presentation at a benefit in Crystal Lake, she wrote me: "There were 500 people to watch Claude and Camille, A Novel of Monet come to life. The group sold copies of your book outside the ballroom. Great demand...perfect. The comments were fabulous, even from a few who had already read the novel: 'Best program you have ever done for our group!!' 'Loved how you highlighted your favorite parts.' 'I adored this book.' 'Perfect green dress!!' etc., etc."

I am so grateful to Barbara for spreading news of my book! Picture of the glamorous Barbara is at left.
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