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Writing historical fiction: sometime journal of a New York City novelist

back from Switzerland and France

I have been away! 18 days to visit family in Switzerland with my husband, once again seeing the gorgeous mountains! Then to Paris and Brittany. I got three ideas for new novels in one day; what a pity it takes so long to write even one! Walking the streets of Paris was so moving for me as I recalled my time there five years ago when I was in the early drafts of my Monet novel, finding the places where he had his studios and where he painted. We were in Paris just a few days and between many circumstances, I was unable to get tickets to the great Monet exhibition. I did buy a FIGARO magazine about it with long poetic essays and many paintings, and can make out enough of the French to read some of it. My husband took a lovely photo of me at Mt. St-Michel which I will post here when he gets around to downloading it.

Meanwhile it is a busy next few weeks with book clubs, radio interview, my first Monet talk with a new power point presentation, hopefully getting the first sections of my new novel to my editor, concerts, friends and the beginning of a poetry series I am hosting for my church on great Anglican and Jesuit religious poets.

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