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Writing historical fiction: sometime journal of a New York City novelist

book tour, blogs, and holes in socks

It's official. I have to spend my time taking care of the outer me. My author reading clothes are lovely, but when I finally went to get new sandals again today (I had to admit that mine were incredibly worn down), I noticed the pathetic holes in my socks.If someone took a picture of my closet, I would pay them to destroy it...

How can socks get holes and sandals wear to the ground when I have spent all the time since October telling people about CLAUDE & CAMILLE and writing a draft of my new book? You'd think the seat of my computer chair would be the thing that is worn! But then my mother who was a fashion artist despaired of me and told me I live almost entirely in my mind. I suppose this is true, but I have surely kept up my walking...

Spoke in the lovely Westport CN library and had a great talk with a 91-year-old gentleman who had also seen the marvelous exhibit of late Monets at the Gagosian Gallery in New York City. I have my plane ticket for Chicago where I will speak at the Glen Ellyn book festival. I am booking a room right near the Chicago Art Institute so I can haunt all the impressionist paintings.
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