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Writing historical fiction: sometime journal of a New York City novelist

the book blogger's reception in New York City

And how wonderful to meet ten lovely bloggers who all reviewed CLAUDE & CAMILLE and hosted my guest posts! I also met the congenial Margie from JustBooks in Glen Ellyn outside Chicago who is hosting me in a reading at the BistroMonet there on June 19th.

The gathering of perhaps 75-100 people was held in a room in the Javits Center which of course is full of the enormous book industry convention BEA. I went to BEA in 1996 I think when it was called ABA and held in Chicago; I was a relatively new author and signing copies of my 17th century novel The Physician of London published by W.W. Norton; the novel won an American Book Award the next evening. The convention then seemed enormous and was more so now. I did not go to BEA this year.

I was so delighted to meet many new bloggers, several of whom had already heard of CLAUDE & CAMILLE. The blessings of on-line pr! I hurried home after because of the coming rain and the thunder broke just as I emerged from the subway and one block from the house, the skies opened and rain poured down. I am tired this evening and have the Backspace Conference tomorrow evening, so am mostly lying on the sofa reading one of the fine books I have agreed to blurb or comment on. The rain has stopped.
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