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Writing historical fiction: sometime journal of a New York City novelist

an update after a long silence!

Dearest readers and friends!

Forgive my long silence because of intense personal events. Very briefly, I have torn apart my novel about the Brownings after a few gifted writer friends made suggestions on a new direction, and I have rewritten it and need a few more drafts before it goes to my agent...those should not take long. And then I really and truly will finish my Nicholas Cooke trilogy, on which I have so very much. I so wish to be like some friends who write a book every year or two, but alas....no two writing gifts are alike!

Because of personal things (very tragically, the death of my beloved husband) I stopped blogging for a bit but I hope to join up again soon with a few of the wonderful sites for which I wrote. For all of you who sent cards and condolence posts and e-mails, thank you so much.

Fondly, Stephanie

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