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Writing historical fiction: sometime journal of a New York City novelist

debut reading at NYC B&N and first online reviews

The debut reading for CLAUDE & CAMILLE was more than I could ever have hoped. We had nearly a hundred people with many standing in the back. One person bought six or seven copies! I saw so many beloved old friends there and afterward a few of us went out to eat. I was starving; I had eaten very little all day.

So many online reviews are wonderful. I have a few on my events and blog tour page. All print reviews so far are excellent and we expect many more in the next few months. Meanwhile I am leaving for Albany tomorrow with novelist Michelle Cameron to speak at the first Empire State Book Fair. We and a few others are on a panel about...historical fiction!

It has only been 48 hours since the novel was published and I am still not sleeping enough but already deep into the next novel and every time I finish a blog, someone asks me for a new one. Fine with me! "The Women in Monet's Gardens" with appear this weekend on Linus' Blanket....about the five most important women in Monet's life who worked and played in his several gardens. http://www.linussblanket.com/

Off to write! Back soon!
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