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Writing historical fiction: sometime journal of a New York City novelist

thoughts on the eve of the publication of my new novel

I have spent the evening going to dinner with my husband and have been e-mailing friends in a kind of daze. I think only another writer can know the time and intensity it can take to bring a novel together. It is an enormous force of will, thousands of hours, incredible support from many people, thousands of bits of inspiration pulled together, an incredible stubbornness. Sometimes this week before I go to Albany for the Empire State Book Fair I want to walk down to the Hudson River boat basin and look at the sky the way I did in the last few months of writing Claude and Camille. I noticed that at even the exact same time two days in a row the sky was not the same. I can only say tonight, "Go forth, little book, and may you find a place in many people's hearts!" And thanks to so many, many people for their kindness and help and belief in this story.
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