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Writing historical fiction: sometime journal of a New York City novelist

a little less than six weeks to novel debut...

I am afraid my novel-in-progress is suffering a bit from lack of author attention as I am swept away by the excitement of CLAUDE & CAMILLE's debut in the world. However, this is a good time to read other novels. I read Kathleen Grissom's deep and tender novel about an Irish orphan raised with a family of slaves who work in THE KITCHEN HOUSE of a plantation in the early 1800's. And my friend Susanne Dunlap's YA ANASTASIA'S SECRET gives a possible small love story to the doomed years of the Romanov family as they are slowly more tightly imprisoned by the Russian revolution. Young girls will love this new perspective on the small, devoted Romanov family. I have at least 20 unread novels in my house and yesterday I ordered two more of novelists I discovered on Facebook. Thank you, dear fellow novelists! When I am turned upside down by my own work, I turn to yours and am very happy!
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