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Writing historical fiction: sometime journal of a New York City novelist

a new cover for CLAUDE & CAMILLE but the same story!

The gifted sales and marketing people who are behind CLAUDE & CAMILLE have decided that it needed a Monet painting on its cover instead of the passionate picture of lovers kissing. Not one passionate word has been changed! However the old cover is already in thousand and thousands of places across the web and who knows where else so people might be a bit startled!

Have read two wonderful novels in the past week which will be published soon: ALICE I HAVE BEEN by Melanie Benjamin, about Alice's relationship with Lewis Carroll who made her into the heroine of Alice and Wonderland, and THE CONFESSIONS OF CATHERINE DE MEDICI by C.V. Gortner, about the truly good and tragic 16th century French Queen. It's a novel of great span and color. I am amazed at the different gifts of many novelists ("and to think they all use about the same recycled words in such new ways" my husband always comments) and learn from everybody!

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