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Writing historical fiction: sometime journal of a New York City novelist

wandering beween my novels

I have so many novels partially written, some with whole drafts, others with twenty pages. I feel sometimes each occupies a different room in an old mansion; some rooms have not been visited in years, the furniture is dusty and my voice echoes in them. I go into my mansion and stand in the hall, listening to the voices calling me. So today I work on one story while all the time hearing murmurs from a room far away where another group of characters wait.

Yesterday I wrote: "Telling a fascinating story means getting from the beginning to the end with mounting energy and open questions which the reader must wait to have answered, fascinating characters and settings, compelling writing, a journey told in a very original way as no one has quite done it before, and never repetitive." Oh, that is a lot to ask and not easy to do but it is what I have chosen!

Back to working on my present new book, trying to ignore the calls from other enchanting rooms. How shall I find the time to prepare all these characters in proper novel form and send them into the world?

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