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Writing historical fiction: sometime journal of a New York City novelist

a book club appearance and a walk in the park

I am the one in Monet blue surrounded by the book club members!
I have had several readings of CLAUDE & CAMILLE with my powerpoint presentation lately, and last night I met with a book club in a French cafe in Pleasantville. What a lovely group of people!

Others news from the book front is that people tell me they see the novel in bookstores everywhere, including airports, and rights have just been sold to Brazil which will make the fifth translation. I think I am a few weeks away from showing my new novel to my agent.

Meanwhile I walked down to Riverside Park today where the trees were so thick and green that they made enchanted shadowy groves and the flower garden was abundant beyond words. I listened to the voices of children from the playground where I used to take my own sons to play many years ago. Some actors were rehearsing a Shakespeare play and a tiny boy of about three almost galloped down the promenade towards his mother crying, "I want to give you a hug!" His face was so urgent with desire and love. She held open her arms.
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