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Writing historical fiction: sometime journal of a New York City novelist

Less than four weeks until Claude & Camille is published!

Fortunately I am heavily back into working on my new novel. My mailing list is as complete as I am going to make it for now, I have done almost all my guest blogs, have nine appearances set up and the rest...we will have to see. I once read of an author of many years ago who disappeared for several months to Europe when her book was coming out. Unfortunately, the minute I got there I'd be seeking out an internet cafe to check e-mail news. Hopeless!

I have a gorgeous book trailer thanks to my filmmaker son Jesse Cowell which will go public very soon. The audio recording with actor Christopher Cazanove is I believe complete. And I am reading two fascinating books: ROMANCING MISS BRONTE and THE HERETIC's DAUGHTER. I just finished BROOKLYN and THE MIRACLES OF PRATO last week.

Now let me see about cheap flights to say...Venice? It's no use! Wherever I'd go, I'd feel the same sense of joyful anticipation and ... the usual nail biting!
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