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Writing historical fiction: sometime journal of a New York City novelist

Autumn is slowly coming to New York City!

Central Park will look like this towards the end of October or early November. Imagine walking through those leaves!
Oh joy! autumn and spring are my favorite times here. I will get a chance to see autumn outside the city too with my several readings in Long Island, New Jersey and one in the gorgeous Berkshires at the Clark Museum! The other day, my older son and I walked over the Brooklyn Bridge and then back over the Manhattan Bridge....and up into and through Greenwich Village! The Brownings novel is coming wonderfully but the last part of the draft still needs more work. I am so eager to get this to my agent and continue my English 1537 novel. (I did actually set two early unpublished novels in New York and hope to revise and publish them one day. I must live until I am 120 at least, I have so much I want to do!)
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