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Writing historical fiction: sometime journal of a New York City novelist

Five Weeks until the publication of THE BOY IN THE RAIN

Suddenly there seems to be so much to do, stretching out many months before me. For instance working on this website, getting podcasts, checking for reviews (so many good ones so far!), coordinating readings, my son's filming of new short TikTok/Facebook videos about my writing work, blogs, waiting to hear the narrator for the audiobook, checking my Goodreads giveaway status, writing pages for the book club lottery....I try to write everything down but forget things and lose them. This part of a writers' life is very difficult than writing THE BOY IN THE RAIN, hearing the loud ticketing of the grandfather clock in Robbie and Anton's Nottinghamshire farmhouse, hearing Robbie running so alone through dark London streets, art galleries, nobility, garret parties of artists, prison, Anton's finding his past, the two guys finding and losing each other. All this is between book covers and I am speeding towards this world of pr, trying not to forget anything...  It is 1901 in England and I am at my computer here with my heart still back then.


love, Stephanie.   

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