Robert Browning

The bedroom of Robert Browning and his wife Elizabeth in Florence. Open 3 afternoons a week. A hidden secret place.

Reading at Kris Waldherr's Art & Words Gallery in Brooklyn

Reading at the Glen Ellyn Bistro Monet in front of a Monet print with Susan of the bistro. Brunch was great!

In the Irish West Country -- photo by Fiona Claire

Writing historical fiction: sometime journal of a New York City novelist

again a very overdue blog

March 2, 2017

What I have learned in the last several months is that life intervenes in the very best of plans and some personal stuff slowed me down for a bit. But I am now writing intensely, preparing to speak at two conferences in addition to travels to Scotland and London soon. So this is a (more…)

a very brief update on me and my creative life

April 14, 2016

Tags: Wimpole Street, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Robert Browning, Edwardian gay love stories, old Nottingham. Victorian London, 19th-century poets, historical fiction, gay historical fiction

I have been utterly remiss in updating my blog because I have been on a huge writing binge finishing two novels (one finished, the other to be finished by the summer) after wrestling with them in draft form for some time. So I have not been speaking anywhere as a writer or writing blogs (more…)

and another update after a long silence!

September 29, 2015

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me in Eccleston Square London where several scenes in my new novel take place
My goodness, how do I catch up on a year? Well, by subject I suppose!

WRITING: Oh I do wish I were like other authors who simply do a book every year or two! My books take between 9 months and more than twenty years - though the twenty year ones are generally tucked away (more…)

an update after a long silence!

November 9, 2014

Dearest readers and friends!

Forgive my long silence because of intense personal events. Very briefly, I have torn apart my novel about the Brownings after a few gifted writer friends made suggestions on a new direction, and I have rewritten it and need a few more drafts before it goes to my agent...those (more…)

Winter Solstice has come!

December 22, 2013

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Welcome Winter Solstice! A time to be a little still!

By Adam Christianson

When harpers once in wooden hall
A shining chord would strike
Their songs like arrows pierced the soul
Of great and low alike

Aglow by hearth and candleflame
From burning branch or ember (more…)

a few words this October day for my friends and readers!

October 14, 2013

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Hudson River at sunset
Autumn is coming into New York; I take walks by the gray Hudson River with its moored boats at the Boat Basin and watch leaves tumble down the sidewalk before me. I mark down all the concerts I want to hear this year, and hope I'll get to most of them. I keep adding (more…)

Total heaven! - another exhibition of impressionism at the Met Museum!

March 10, 2013

Tags: Impressionism, Fashion, and Modernity, Metropolitan Museum, Monet

Camille or The Green Dress by the 25-year-old Claude Monet
My friend Kimberly and I took the cross town bus in NYC on Saturday night and in fifteen minutes, were standing at the entrance of the amazing exhibition "Impressionism, Fashion, and Modernity" at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. And the very first painting we saw was Monet's painting of Camille when she was nineteen in a borrowed green and black walking dress; I never saw the original as it hangs normally in a museum in Bremen.

(The Met opened in 1872, seven years after this painting was created.)

There were also several other original paintings borrowed from other museums of dress reproductions, parasols, fans, cosmetic boxes, prints from (more…)

Christmas Day

December 25, 2012

my husband and our Christmas tree
Wishing everyone a Christmastide of friendship and peace!

Hard to believe December is here already!

December 4, 2012

New York City Christmas tree salesmen (from the NY Daily News)
I am writing always and have finished something and well along with something else - more to come! Meanwhile it has been an exciting late autumn with my first presentation of INSIDE THE WORLD OF THE NOVELIST, more things as always for CLAUDE & CAMILLE, and two talks at the (more…)

a guest blog from the author of A VIOLET SEASON, New York State 1898

October 29, 2012


This rainy and pre-hurricane day in NYC, I want to extend a warm welcome to Kathy Leonard Czepiel, the author of A Violet Season, a historical novel set on a Hudson Valley violet farm on the eve of the twentieth century. I found her book the old-fashioned way: browsing in a book shop! Kathy is the recipient of a 2012 creative writing fellowship from the National Endowment for the Arts, and her (more…)


the love story of the young, unknown Claude Monet and his muse Camille Doncieux
Four lovely, musical sisters and one suitor -- Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
The first two novels of a trilogy about a brilliant Elizabethan man who was an actor, physician and priest
the passionate love story between Shakespeare, his patron and Emilia Bassano -- based on the sonnets

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