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February 1 2022. THE BOY IN THE RAIN will be entering editing and design within the next few months. I can't wait to tell the story of this novel's journey, the most intense I have known. STORY: In the English countryside 1900, the shy 19-year-old painter Robbie falls in love with Anton, a brilliant, troubled man in his late twenties. Set over several years during the early period of persecution of same-sex relationships, their intense and often difficult love will change them in ways neither could expect and allow them to grow into remarkable people, one a famous portraitist and the other a rising politician fighting for the rights of the poor.


I have several incredible blurbs already and can't wait to share them. Thank you so much!


Coming towards final draft in the spring is a very unusual novel about Emily Bronte called THE MAN IN THE STONE COTTAGE. Also on my hard drive is BLANCHE AND THE WATER LILIES, the story of Monet's beloved stepdaughter who turned her life around to stand at his side as he painted his great Water Lily paintings for the Paris L'Oranangerie where they hang today.


For all those of you who have asked most patiently, the third NICHOLAS COOKE book is 2/3rds done.