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August 22, 2019. I am working away on my novel about the famous Victorian writer which has a unique slant, and that is about it. I had a lovely time last month in San Francisco when I read from my novel MARRYING MOZART with the talented musicians of the Midsummer Mozart Festival.... and my next appearance is in NYC at a conference around the late brilliant Madeleine L'Engle who was my mentor. For further information on the November 15-17 conference, please check out Madeleine L'Engle Conference: Walking on Water Many people who worked with Madeleine or knew her well will be there, including some of her family members.

Oh dear, well my next novel keeps changing due to writing complications or publishing complications, but really! One will come. I have to be patient with myself. I hope my great unfinished works will not outnumber my published ones, alas...


I am working on a novel about a famous Victorian writer and two more about French women impressionists. They are three have huge anounts done on them but not yet come together quite as novels.


I made so many changes on my passionate love story between a younger and older man in Edwrdian England that I now need to pull back and wait a bit and see what I want of it. I just need time. And I am still hoping to complete the story of a 5th century woman astronomer at the Library of Alexandria who sets herself against the newly powerful Catholic church in her desire to measure the universe but falls in love with the Archbishop's nephew.



ROBBIE: AN EDWARDIAN LOVE STORY. In the English countryside 1900, a shy young painter of 18 called Robbie falls in love with Anton, a brilliant, troubled man of 28. Set over several years during the early period of persecution of same-sex relationships, their intense and often difficult love will change them in ways neither could expect and allow them to grow into the remarkable people they will become.

THE GIRL WHO WALKED AMONG THE STARS is Hypatia, her library, her wild quest to map the universe and her conflicting loves in the time of the fall of paganism and the Roman Empire